Hey buddies, So Ive been drawing this weekly strip for the Flagpole Magazine for the last 5 years or so and instead of them burning a whole through my computer I figured I should probably put them on the internet so people can actually read them. So here they are, on a tumbler site, which I plan to update weekly with my new strips: A ROUND TOWN!!!! Feel free to tell all your friends about this amazing new development in pop culture. Thank you, -David Mack


Ive got a big test on Monday and I should be studying... i mean, i am studying, but not as well as I would like. Instead I have been doing this for the last half hour:
I scored these manger dudes at habitat this morning but one wise man was missing a head... I like the wood block the best. Is it too early to be obsessing about christmas?


I officially started nursing school this semester, which has been pretty great and hard. Mainly its a lot of work and doesn't leave me time for much else, like drawing, but I still squeeze in my weekly comic for the flagpole. The problem is now that I'm in school and don't do anything besides study, I don't have much else to talk about, as can be seen here:
Ive recently also started playing Dungeons and Dragons with a group of friends who I will not shame by naming. My character is a Dwarf Cleric Princess who has given up the crown and joined the clergy in order to have adventures and see the world... as can be seen here:
The semester ends in just a few weeks and I hope to get some solid arting in over the winter break.


I started renting a studio space this summer with two friends of mine. Its really great to have a space that is dedicated to making art and to be surrounded by people who are so talented every time I want to work. Heres a picture of my space:
Ive been very slowly inking a comic I drew about a year ago in Argentina. Its about some cats in a cemetery. Here are a few examples of inked pages:
I'm really excited about this project but its also a little frustrating to revisit something you haven't worked on in a very long time. All the ideas I had about it now seem faded and kind of weird.


I went to a comic convention in Charlotte a couple weeks ago called "Heroes Con". It was really fun to meet people and sell my wares. A lot of my friends were selling original art and suggested that i do the same but all I had were my minis, so on the drive up there I decided to take some old photographs I had randomly brought and turn them into pictures of batman:
I also drew a few weird faces like this one:
None of these things sold but it was fun to be doing something new. If you want to see the batman pictures ive been uploading to my tumblr page here: FIVETHOUSANDFACES



hey you guys!?!

fluke is happening this Saturday at the 40 watt.
i wrote a comic about it:

and I got so excited that i drew this t-shirt design...

come to FLUKE everybody!!


Rain Barrel

I was recently asked to participate in a a local charity auction to benefit the Athens Green School Program. Find out more about the event facebook page HERE. Its happening March 30th at Terrapin Brewery. Here are some pictures of the rain barrel that I made for the auction:


remember chalk boards?

here are a couple of illustrations I made for the cover of the flagpole. It was during the start of the school year so the theme was "back to school". The first illustration is a typical elementary classroom from the 60s and the second is a typical classroom from the not too distant future. The colors look pretty crazy on a the internet. They didn't print that bright.


these are some horrible faces i drew while manning my table at OktoberFluke this past weekend. Its fun to play around with water colors but i have tons to learn.


mace my face

this hurt sooo bad...